Kitto Server Engine

Bring your cloud solution to the next level with the Kitto Server Engine: Connect a huge amount of clients and systems, automate processes to save time!

Use Cases

If you ask yourself for what you should use the Kitto Server Engine, here are some examples and use cases:

Automate processes
If you still move data or files from one system to another by hand, you will save time by automating processes.
Transform data
Sometimes moving data is not enough. If the data needs to be transformed before it can be imported into another system, you can automate it.
Collect and monitor data
If you need to keep an eye on your data, the web administration of the Kitto Server Engine will help you.
Events can be raised for specific data values or in a given time interval. Events could be alerts for a temperature value, turning a device on or off depending on a value, etc.
Real time communication
Devices can be connected and communicate in real time. You could for example share GPS data of your truck fleet while monitoring it on the web administration. You can not only receive data from your devices, but also send data to them.
Many more
By connecting systems with each other, there are many more use cases!

Web Administration

Control a powerful system with a simple user interface! Even from your smart phone or tablet.



You don't have to think about which provider to choose. You don't need to think about a tech stack. You don't need programmers to maintain your cloud solution. If you need a custom solution, we implement it in the Kitto Server Engine! With the Kitto Server Engine you get a cloud solution from a single source!


Depending on your requirements, we offer different packages! You can switch or quit anytime. Please contact us for your offer.

Kitto Server Engine Subscription


  • Multiple admin users
  • Multiple processes
  • Email support
  • Updates
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Custom solutions require an additional effort for which we will make you an offer.