Project management, time recording, invoices

The word Kanry comes from Japanese (管理 - Kanri) and means management. Our Kanry is pronounced similarly to the English word "country", only without the "t". Kanry is a web app that makes it easy for you to manage and administer your business. With Kanry you can manage your customers, create and monitor invoices. You can also manage projects and tasks. Your employees can record their times, which you can then even link to invoices. You can also upload your receipts and send them as an archive to your tax advisor at the end of the month. By maintaining your receipts, you always have an eye on your finances.

Since Kanry is a web app, you can access your data from anywhere and from any device with a browser. Manual updates are no longer necessary, as we are continuously working on Kanry and adding new features!

For whom is Kanry suitable?

Every self-employed person, every business, needs an overview of finances, working hours, tasks, customers, invoices, etc. Do you still write your invoices with Word and lose track of which invoices are still open? Do you miss times that should be invoiced to your customer? Kanry gives you the overview. Kanry is suitable for freelancers, teams, as well as companies.

Kanban Board

Manage your projects, employees and tasks in a Kanban board.

  • Filter tasks
  • Move tasks via drag & drop
  • Get an overview of your team's work process

Time tracking: Record working times

Employees can conveniently record their times and receive a weekly report via email.

  • Overview of the recorded times
  • What times have not yet been billed?
  • Times can be linked to tasks, projects and invoices

Time tracking: Reports

Get an overview of the hours worked by your employees!

  • Overview of working hours per calendar week
  • What was worked on and for how long?
  • On which days were how many hours worked?


Write your invoices directly in Kanry and generate a pretty, attractive PDF invoice with your logo.

  • Monitor open invoices
  • Write your invoice in gross or net
  • Percentage discounts or fixed discount sums can be added

Finances and receipts

Upload your receipts of expenses and income to Kanry to get an overview of your finances. Check where you have the most expenses.

  • Tax consultant export (Zip archive of all receipts of one month)
  • Assign receipts to categories in order to save expenses if necessary
  • Income and expenses are offset to provide an estimate of profit or loss


We offer the following price models for annual payment. You are welcome to contact us for individual offers tailored to your needs. The prices shown are net prices and do not include the statutory value-added tax.


19 EUR / month

228 EUR / year

  • 1 user
  • 250 MB storage
  • E-mail support


79 EUR / month

948 EUR / year

  • 5 users
  • 1 GB storage
  • E-mail support

Online Demo

We have provided an online demo system for you to see all the features for yourself. No registration is necessary. Just click the following button:

Try out online demo

Use Kanry now

It is very simple to start working with Kanry.

  • Navigate to www.kanry.app and create an user account
  • Confirm your user account via the activation link sent to you by e-mail
  • Log in with your user data
  • Navigate to "Setup" / "Shop" in the left menu
  • Select your desired license model
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Feel free to make an appointment to get an online demo of Kanry, where we can clarify all your open questions.

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